Chabad Serbia

Dear guests, Welcome to Serbia! You are invited to come and visit the magnificent Chabad Jewish center in Belgrade.Chabad Serbia

Every Shabbat we hold in our Chabad synagogue a Kabalat Shabbat service on Friday evening, and a Shaharit service on Shabat morning.

After the services we host for Shabbat meals by pre-registering, click here for details.

During the week you can order kosher dinners by pre-registering, click here for details.

We will be happy to host you on all Jewish holidays from Rosh Hashanah dinner to the glorious Pesah Seder night.

At the Chabad center, you can find a mikveh for women, Jewish education center.

Please note that for now, there is no Kosher shops, restaurants or bakeries in Belgrade, and you can not find kosher products in Serbia.

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