Chabad Serbia

Dear guests, Welcome to Serbia! You are invited to come and visit the magnificent new Chabad house in Belgrade.

Chabad Serbia

Every Sabbath there is a Sabbath Services in the synagogue of Chabad Serbia together with Kiddush and a Sabbath meal

Every Sabbath there is prayers in the synagogue of Chabad. You can also order kosher dinners from Chabad by making a reservation in advance and learn how to keep kosher in Serbia.

You are welcome to celebrate with us the Jewish holidays as of Rosh Hashanah dinner and Seder Night on Passover in the nicest and most honorable way. On holidays we are holding events at a high level bringing a uniquely Jewish experience to the participants.

Also in Serbia, at the Chabad center, you can find a mikveh for women, Jewish education center, and children’s playground, and a new and beautiful guest apartment for Jews from around the world coming to visit Serbia.

Please note that for now, there is no Kosher shops, restaurants or bakeries in Belgrade, and you can not find kosher products in Serbia.

Chabad Serbia in Belgrade

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