Kosher food

Chabad Serbia will be happy to assist you with kosher food.

You can order kosher dinners from Chabad by making a reservation in advance, at the latest night before.

The meal takes place at the Chabad House at 19:00. The meal includes bread, hot soup, chicken or fish, side dishes, and salad.


It is possible to make during the week a delivery to hotel or office. Fill the form below to order a kosher meal.

On Shabbat and holidays, the dinners are held at the Chabad House and it is possible to attend such a dinner by making a reservation in advance. Click here to read more about Shabbat morning service.

Also, we will be happy to assist you in making kosher your kitchen at home, as well as to give an advice and guidance on how to keep kosher in Serbia. We can also provide you with information about kosher products that can be bought in regular shops.

If you want to get a kashrut certificate for Food, we will be happy to give you the proper information. Fill the form below for information on the kashrut process.