About Us

Chabad of Serbia was founded in 2008 by Rabbi Yehoshua and Miri Kaminetzky to maintain and develop the Jewish identity and tradition among the members of the Jewish community in Serbia, as well as to serve as an address and home for Jews from around the world coming to visit or to settle in Serbia.

Rabbi Yehoshua Kaminetzky, who was born in Israel, is a graduate of “Tomchei Tmimim” Yeshiva in Israel and New York. In the year – 2005 he studied at the Higher Rabbinate Institute in Fort Lauderdale in Florida, led by Rabbi Aaron Lieberman, and was ordained by Rabbi Yitzchak Yehuda Yaroslavsky, the Rabbi of Kiryat Malachi and the secretary of Chabad Rabbinical Court in Israel

Rebbetzin Miri Kaminetsky, was born in Israel where she graduated the Beit Rivka College and has successfully completed a bachelor’s degree majoring in special education, identifying and targeting special child care.

The activities of Chabad in the world constitute the largest enterprise of the Lubavitcher Rebbe, Rabbi Menachem M. Schneerson, of blessed memory – the seventh leader in the Chabad dynasty Admorim. The Rebbe holds the most phenomenal personality of our time. For hundreds of thousands of followers and millions of admirers and sympathizers on Earth – he is the “Rabbi”, the most dominant figure in Judaism, and certainly more than anyone else he is responsible for rising conscience and spiritual awakening of the world Jewry

Chabad brings the light of Judaism and Hasidism into every Jewish home with a smile and respect for others. Chabad sees in every Jew one link in a chain called “Am Israel” (The Nation of Israel). It is therefore important for Chabad Emissaries (Shluchim) that every Jew should preserve his identity and stick to the eternal values of the nation.

Chabad in its extensive operations throughout the world, causes the fall of walls of internal polarization and alienation among the people, and emphasizes the unifying common denominator. Chabad’s activities bring the masses closer to the original Jewish life and to the light of the Torah of Israel

Also in Serbia, Chabad brings the light of Judaism in the nicest and most honorable ways. On holidays we are holding events at a high level bringing a unique Jewish experience to the participants. We run an education system for children, teaching Judaism – Shabbat, Shabbat meals, giving assistance to the needy and providing every Jew with the help he needs

Chabad Serbia welcomes all Jewish residents and visitors in Serbia, regardless of nationality or affiliation. Please do not hesitate to contact and visit us.